Davis, Beyer, Forbes, & Stevens (2011)

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Understanding Pedagogical Design Capacity Through Teachers' Narratives

The article Understanding Pedagogical Design Capacity Through Teachers' Narratives was written by Elizabeth Davis, Carrie Beyer, Cory Forbes, and Shawn Stevens and published in Teaching and Teacher Education in 2011. The article is available from ScienceDirect at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0742051X11000060.


Teachers need to develop the ability to adapt curriculum materials. Two elementary teachers, Maggie and Catie, were asked to write narratives about their use of and changes to particular reform-oriented science lesson plans. Maggie drew on her knowledge of and experiences with students, as well as other knowledge, experiences, and resources, to make productive changes to account for her students' prior knowledge and abilities. Catie based her curricular adaptations on her learning goals—but these were not aligned with the learning goals of the curriculum materials. The paper discusses implications for teacher education, professional development, and educative curriculum materials.

Outline of Headings

  • Introduction
  • Methods
    • Participants
    • CASES educative curriculum materials
    • Engaging teachers in writing narrative images of inquiry
    • Data sources and analysis
  • Results
    • Maggie's pedagogical design capacity; attending to students at every turn
      • Maggie's curricular adaptations
      • The basis for Maggie's curricular adaptations
    • Catie's pedagogical design capacity: Meeting (different) learning goals
      • Catie's curricular adaptations
      • The basis for Catie's curricular adaptations
    • Summary of results
  • Discussion, implications, and conclusions



Research Questions and Methods

Results and Discussion



Davis, E. A., Beyer, C., Forbes, C. T., & Stevens, S. (2011). Understanding pedagogical design capacity through teachers' narratives. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27(4), 797–810. doi:10.1016/j.tate.2011.01.005


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