Franke, Kazemi, & Battey (2007)

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Mathematics Teaching and Classroom Practice

Outline of Headings

  • Overview of Chapter
  • Conceptualizing Classroom Practice
    • Teaching Mathematics
      • Claims about Teaching
      • A Conception of Teaching
      • Specifying a View of Teaching
    • Conceptions of Student and Teacher Learning
      • Emerging Consensus on Student Learning
      • Connecting Views of Learning Mathematics with the Challenge for Teaching
    • Summary of Stance Towards Classroom Practice Organizing this Chapter
  • Supporting Discourse for Doing and Learning Mathematics
    • The IRE Pattern and Its Alternatives
    • Conception of Discourse in Mathematics Education
    • Engaging in Classroom Conversations
    • Revoicing
    • The Role of Tasks
    • Classroom Discourse for English Language Learners
    • Interrogating Meaning
    • Considering Students' Experiences of Classroom Discourse
    • Summary
  • Establishing Norms for Doing and Learning Mathematics
    • Relating Classroom Norms to Doing Mathematics
    • Distinguishing Social From Sociomathematical Norms
    • Considering the Consequences of Norms for Student Learning and Dispositions
    • Studying the Emergence and Negotiation of Norms
    • Emerging Complications in the Negotiation of Norms
    • Developing Norms and Teacher Learning
    • Summary
  • Building Relationships for Doing and Learning Mathematics
    • Cognitively Guided Instruction: A Detailed Example
    • Beyond Knowing Children's Thinking
    • Drawing on Ideas of Identity and Culture
    • Drawing on Cultural Practices
    • Teaching and Building Relationships Around Identity and Culture
    • Summary
  • Conclusion
    • Three Features of Classroom Practice
    • Advancing Research on Classroom Practice


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