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'''Boaler (2002)''' may refer to:
== Contents ==

* [[Jo Boaler|Boaler, J.]] (2002). ''[[Boaler (2002) (book)|Experiencing school mathematics: Traditional and reform approaches to teaching and their impact on student learning]]. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
* [[Jo Boaler|Boaler, J.]] (2002). [[Boaler (2002) JRME|Learning from teaching: Exploring the relationship between reform curriculum and equity]]. ''[[Journal for Research in Mathematics Education]]'', 33(4), 239– 258.
* [[Jo Boaler|Boaler, J.]] (2002). [[Boaler (2002) MTL|''Paying the price for "Sugar and Spice": Shifting the analytical lens in equity research'']]. [[Mathematical Thinking and Learning]], 4(2-3), 127–144. doi:10.1207/S15327833MTL04023_3
* [[Jo Boaler|Boaler, J.]] (2002). [[Boaler (2002) FLM|The development of disciplinary relationships: Knowledge, practice and identity in mathematics classrooms]]. ''[[For the Learning of Mathematics]]'', 22(1), 42–47.

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About the Contributors
Skeptic's Guide to Algebra in the Early Grades
Part I: The Nature of Early Algebra
<ol start="1">
<li>[[Kaput (2008)|What Is Algebra? What Is Algebraic Reasoning?]] by [[James Kaput|James J. Kaput]]</li>
<li>[[Kaput, Blanton, & Moreno (2008)|Algebra From a Symbolization Point of View]] by [[James Kaput|James J. Kaput]], [[Maria Blanton|Maria L. Blanton]], and [[Luis Moreno]]</li>
<li>[[Mason (2008)|Making Use of Children's Powers to Produce Algebraic Thinking]] by [[John Mason]]</li>
<li>[[Smith III & Thompson (2008)|Quantitative Reasoning and the Development of Algebraic Reasoning]] by [[John Smith III|John P. (Jack) Smith III]] and [[Patrick Thompson|Patrick W. Thompson]]</li>
<li>[[Smith (2008)|Representational Thinking as a Framework for Introducing Functions in the Elementary Curriculum]] by [[Erick Smith]]</li>
Part II: Students' Capacity for Algebraic Thinking
<ol start="6">
<li>[[Bastable & Schifter (2008)|Classroom Stories: Examples of Elementary Students Engaged in Early Algebra]] by [[Virginia Bastable]] and [[Deborah Schifter]]</li>
<li>[[Tierney & Monk (2008)|Children's Reasoning About Change Over Time]] by [[Cornelia Tierney]] and [[Stephen Monk]]</li>
<li>[[Mark-Zigdon & Tirosh (2008)|What Is a Legitimate Arithmetic Number Sequence? The Case of Kindergarten and First-Grade Children]] by [[Nitza Mark-Zigdon]] and [[Dina Tirosh]]</li>
<li>[[Boester & Lehrer (2008)|Visualizing Algebraic Reasoning]] by [[Timothy Boester]] and [[Richard Lehrer]]</li>
<li>[[Carraher, Schliemann, & Schwartz (2008)|Early Algebra Is Not the Same as Algebra Early]] by [[David Carraher|David W. Carraher]], [[Analúcia Schliemann|Analúcia D. Schliemann]], and [[Judah Schwartz|Judah L. Schwartz]]</li>
<li>[[Brizuela & Earnest (2008)|Multiple Notational Systems and Algebraic Understandings: The Case of the "Best Deal" Problem]] by [[Bárbara Brizuela|Bárbara M. Brizuela]] and [[Darrell Earnest]]</li>
<li>[[Peled & Carraher (2008)|Signed Nubmers and Algebraic Thinking]] by [[Irit Peled]] and [[David Carraher|David W. Carraher]]</li>
Part III: Issues of Implementation: Taking Early Algebra into the Classroom
<ol start="13">
<li>[[Franke, Carpenter, & Battey (2008)|Content Matters: Algebraic Reasoning in Teacher Professional Development]] by [[Megan Franke|Megan Loef Franke]], [[Thomas Carpenter|Thomas P. Carpenter]], and [[Dan Battey]]</li>
<li>[[Blanton & Kaput (2008)|Building District Capacity for Teacher Development in Algebraic Reasoning]] by [[Maria Blanton|Maria L. Blanton]] and [[James Kaput|James J. Kaput]]</li>
<li>[[Dougherty (2008)|Measure Up: A Quantitative View of Early Algebra]] by [[Barbara Dougherty]]</li>
<li>[[Schifter, Monk, Russell, Bastable (2008)|Early Algebra: What Does Understanding the Laws of Arithmetic Mean in the Elementary Grades?]] by [[Deborah Schifter]], [[Stephen Monk]], [[Susan Jo Russell]], and [[Virginia Bastable]]</li>
<li>[[Goldenberg & Shteingold (2008)|Early Algebra: The Math Workshop Perspective]] by [[Paul Goldenberg|E. Paul Goldenberg]] and [[Nina Shteingold]]</li>
<ol start="18">
<li>[[Schoenfeld (2008)|Early Algebra as Mathematical Sense Making]] by [[Alan Schoenfeld|Alan H. Schoenfeld]]</li>
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== Also ==
: Kaput, J. J., Carraher, D. W., & Blanton, M. L. (Eds.). (2008). Algebra in the early grades (p. 526). New York, NY: Routledge.
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