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== Publications ==
[[Melissa Gresalfi|Gresalfi, M. S.]] (2009). [[Gresalfi (2009)|Taking up opportunities to learn: Constructing dispositions in mathematics classrooms]]. ''[[Journal of the Learning Sciences]]'', 18(3), 327–369. doi:10.1080/10508400903013470
[[Melissa Gresalfi|Gresalfi, M.]], [[Taylor Martin|Martin, T.]], [[Victoria Hand|Hand, V.]], & [[James Greeno|Greeno, J.]] (2008). [[Gresalfi, Martin, Hand, & Greeno (2008)|Constructing competence: An analysis of student participation in the activity systems of mathematics classrooms]]. ''[[Educational Studies in Mathematics]]'', 70(1), 49–70. doi:10.1007/s10649-008-9141-5
[[Category:People|Gresalfi, Melissa]]

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