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Summary as Prose or Bullet Points?

Typically I've summarized articles with a typical sentence/paragraph structure that attempts to recapture the argument/findings of the author(s). Would it be better to just summarize the article in bullet points, such as:

  • Problem Statement: (...)
  • Research Question(s): (...)
  • Framework: (...)
  • Sample: (...)
  • Methods: (...)
  • Evidence: (...)
  • Findings: (...)
  • Implications: (...)

What might work best?

What to name the last section?

The section at the bottom typically includes links to related pages on the wiki, relevant external links, and citation information. What should that section be called? About? Miscellaneous? More? See Also?

Summary length

Should there be a maximum length of a summary? Blog posts seem to work well if they aren't over 1000 words. Is this different?